Saturday, March 17

Chef's Choice: Chocoholic

Get ready to indulge your sweet tooth by learning how to make your very own chocolate: Macaroons Mousse Shots Cupcakes Molten Cake Class is taught by one of...

Chef's Choice: Healthy Cooking at Home

In this class, fresh whole foods inspire this menu of delicious spring dishes. You'll prepare every dish on the menu using healthy cooking techniques that...

Chef's Choice: Pasta Dishes from Around the World

No passport required. Join Chef Kimbrough for a tour of pasta from around the world. From strands, tubes, strips, and strings, the noodle is steeped in rich...

Open House

This JWU Charlotte Admissions event offers interested JWU students the chance to see our facilities and learn more about the JWU Charlotte Experience. Open...

SDA Model Rehearsals

Rehearsals for models participating in SDA's first annual fashion show.

Badminton Saturday Session

The Badminton Club will be using this time to host our weekly practice session. Throughout this session, the club will teach club members on ways to properly...

St. Patrick's Day Karaoke

Join UIB for karaoke night! Wear green for a chance to win some prizes!

Saturday, March 17