Upcoming Events

Charlotte Campus Newport Hotel Group Interviews

Newport Hotel Group will be conducting interviews for their manager-in-training program called LEAD on Oct 15. They are hiring Fall and Winter graduates in...

Fashion Society General Meeting

Weekly meetings are hosted to discuss upcoming events, practice various skills, and grow as an organization.

Hunger Banquet

Hunger and homelessness occur in every community across the United States and Charlotte is no exception. This program will provide experiential insight into...

SGA Senate Meeting

Senate meeting to discuss SGA business, vote on business, and present proposals that are open to the student body.

College Students and the 8 Wellness Dimensions

You will have the opportunity to review and assess how you are doing in the 8 wellness dimensions: Physical, Mental, Financial, Spiritual, Social,...

JWU Sapphire Practice

Cheer practice is hosted twice a week on Monday and Wednesday from 8-10pm.

Deep Talks with the Dean: Bystander Intervention

What does it mean to step up and step out in difficult situations? Are you willing to stand up for a friend even if it means looking back? In this deep talk,...