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Concierge Services

Concierge Services 3/30

The concierge Desk in the atrium in the academic center is avalible for questions and inquiries. Feel free to stop by and ask us anything, we would love to...

Denver, Academic Center, Concierge Desk  

Spin 3/30 12:00pm

An hour of fun, athletic, cardiovascular cycling class - the ultimate calories killer. Start pedaling and let go as the music takes you on the ride of your...

Providence, Wildcat Center, Multi-Purpose Room  
Women's History Month Discussion Series: Everyday Sheros-Being a Female Leader in a "Man's World"

Women's History Month Discussion Series:... 3/30 12:00pm

There has been a recent--and necessary--surge of discussion on women in leadership and the importance of leveling the playing field. In Sheryl Sandberg's...

Providence, the BRIDGE Center  
Body Positivity: A New Outlook on Size Diversity Series

Body Positivity: A New Outlook on Size... 3/30 3:30pm

Join us for a series of workshops that will explore Body Positivity.Sponsored by JWU ASK, JWU Providence Counseling Services, JWU Health Education, and JWU...

Providence, the BRIDGE Center  
Self Defense

Self Defense 3/30 4:00pm

Classes consist of self-defense techniques, forms, sparring, and submission grappling. It also increases metabolism and teaches life saving techniques.

Providence, Wildcat Center, Multi-Purpose Room, Room B  
Property Protection

Property Protection 3/30 5:00pm

Minimize your chances of falling victim to theft by learning about the strategies thieves have historically used. This program complements Project ID. Our...

Providence, Schneider Lobby